Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Four-way Stop!

Maritzburg has been having a problem with power failures again! This has obviously caused many of our traffic lights to become 'tin soldiers' guarding the roads. In situations like this motorists are supposed to treat the intersections as a 4 way stop! I say 'Supposed to' because most of the motorists DON'T!

I am convinced that many of our motorists have no clue what to do when confronted with this situation. When I was nearly wiped out yesterday, it confirmed my nagging suspicions - South Africans are clueless at 4-way stops!

"Did we not have to learn how to handle 4-way stops before we passed our drivers test?"
YES, we did!

So either, we have forgotten what we learnt or we just choose to ignore it.

Which, brings me to this point -

"Are we not like this in our faith sometimes? We may have learnt in Kids Church (or somewhere else) that we need to walk in God's ways or love our neighbour's or trust God, but when we face a crossroads in our life, we don't know how to handle it!"

Is it because we have forgotten or do we choose to ignore what we have learnt?
Or maybe it's a little of both.

What do you think? Maybe I am being to harsh on our drivers and our faith :)

When you get to a crossroads in your life, allow the Spirit to jog your 'faith-memory' and then trust in God to get you over the obstacle.

Be Blessed today,

Living in Grace,


Cycling Calves said...

Ywo, don't even get me started on how bad our drivers are. Hardly anyone knows how to drive properly. Vote for me as transport minister when you become president and we'll fix this. I've already developed my first solution, a rubber bullet mini gun mounted on the front of my car. Nice hey.

That aside, what you say is so true. Things get tough and we forget to depend upon our Saviour and think we can do it alone instead.

Delme Linscott said...

True Paulie
thanks for the thoughts dude and you get my vote as minister of transport!