Sunday, 3 January 2010

David versus Goliath

Tonight I am very sad, because my football team lost! Yes, Manchester United lost to Leeds United (who are two divisions below Man U) in the FA Cup. So, all of you non-United fans can have your moment of pleasure - at least for today.

Although my team lost, I did have a tiny chuckle at the fact that again I have witnessed 'David beating Goliath.' We often read the passage in 1 Samuel 17 and think that this only happened thousands of years ago, but it still happens today. Sure, Sport is not Life (sometimes), but it can remind us of some important spiritual principles - never write off the underdog.

If you feel as if you are always living as the 'underdog', take heart - God is on your side.

May you have a blessed day. Please excuse me while I now go and cry myself to sleep:(

Living in Grace,

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