Thursday, 10 December 2009

End of your Tether?

Have you heard this idiom before?

"I am at the end of my tether!"

I am sure you have! Here is the official description of this idiom:

"If you are at the end of your tether, you are at the limit of your patience or endurance." (Some countries use the word 'rope' instead of tether.)

At this time of the year, there are many people who are feeling at the end of their tether. The rush of the festive season and the tiredness of a long year, all take their toll on us. So what do we do in order to change this situation? Here are 7 suggestions:

1. Plan a day off, without any agenda. Even better, take your holiday now.
2. Continue to fight for your daily time with God - we need these moments alone with God.
3. Be honest with your family and friends as to how you are feeling.
4. Remember that Christ was born into the midst of messy world. Just because our lives feel 'upside down', doesn't mean that God has abandoned us. It's in these times that God wants to Shine through.
5. Try not to take 'life' personally. It is easy to feel as if the whole world is conspiring against you, but we need to remember that everyone goes through difficult times.
6. Seek prayer or help if you believe that you are always at the 'end of your tether.'
7. Read these words and then use them in a short prayer...

"How you have helped the powerless! How you have saved the arm that is feeble!" - Job 26:2

May you find peace!

Held by Grace,

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