Friday, 11 December 2009

2 Weeks Notice

Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock starred in the movie Two Weeks Notice (2002). Getting tired of working for Hugh Grant and putting up with his nonsense, Sandra Bullock gives him 'two weeks notice' of her resignation. The rest of the movie revolves around her attempts to leave and his attempts to keep her at work.

You may be wondering what this has to do with us - well, I am simply using the catchy title of the movie to remind us that it is TWO WEEKS to CHRISTMAS. I am giving us 'two weeks notice' to prepare ourselves for the most anticipated day of the year.

Let's remember that the real reason for Christmas is not the gifts, but the GIFT - Jesus Christ.

Living in Grace,

P.S. - By the way if you ever need ideas of cool gifts for your Pastor check out this website (I can't believe they even have a website for this! Some Pastors are weird! We don't need gifts, because our rewards are 'out of this world!' :)

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