Monday, 23 February 2009


How is your Monday going? I've been reading a good book called "Risk" by Kenny Luck - the book is a challenge to trust God with everything that we have got. I came across this quote in the book this morning - "We don't need more Christians, we've got plenty of Christians. We need more Disciples!" (Dr. Tony Evans) On the one hand I don't agree with the notion that we have enough Christians as there are still billions of people who are yet to respond to Jesus Christ as Saviour. However, on the other hand, it would be great if many of the 'Christians' in our congregations actually committed themselves to DISCIPLESHIP. There is of course a mammoth gulf between the two. I want to be known as a Disciple of Jesus - how about you? Committing our lives to discipleship is a huge step, but one that guarentees a dynamic relationship with Jesus. Radical - Revolutionary - Renewed. I am in - are you keen to join me?!
Living it Large, in Grace!

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Tyron Bache said...

i am in:) //got a challenge for you D @