Monday, 27 June 2022

Paving the way

"God not only begins, but conducts to the end, the work of our salvation, that his grace in us may not be useless and unprofitable. As he opens up the way, he paves it, and removes the obstacles of every description, and is himself the leader during the whole journey. In short, he continues his grace towards us in such a manner that he at length brings it to perfection." - John Calvin

As we read these words is there a passage from scripture that comes to your mind?

Perhaps I can prompt us a little...

... John 14:6?

... Isaiah 35:8?

If you have the time to search these two passages you will find the answer in each one of them. For me, the key in this quote and in the scriptures is that God's grace continues with each one of us, as we journey on the way. Instead of creating obstacles for us, God paves the way.

Living in Grace


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