Saturday, 9 February 2019

Bad Chapter?

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As a writer you realise that sometimes you have a lot of creative energy and you feel that you have written a very good chapter in a book. However, there are days where trying to produce another chapter takes everything from you and you honestly feel that the particular chapter is not good at all. The lesson in this is that one must just keep on writing, because things will turn around again. As the following quote suggests, life doesn't depend on just one chapter.

"Life has many different chapters; one bad chapter doesn't mean it's the end of the book." (Unknown)

Of course, the Bible teaches us the same thing. There are numerous examples of people who had 'bad chapters' in their lives, but through God's grace, managed to finish the rest of the book on a brilliant note.

Deuteronomy 8:16 - " that in the end it might go well with you."

Thought: Finish the bad chapter and turn the page to begin writing an amazing new chapter.

Living in Grace

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