Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Wise words from Catherine Booth

"Cast off all bonds of prejudice and custom, and let the love of Christ, which is in you, have free course to run out in all conceivable schemes and methods of labour for the souls of men."
- Catherine Booth

There is so much wisdom to think about in this one single sentence.
a. I am challenged to 'cast off' my prejudice...
b. To let the love of Christ run through my veins ...
c. To allow God' spirit to overflow into all areas of my life ...
d. To see every moment as a chance to reflect God's love to others ...
e. So that all people would have a chance to encounter the love of Jesus.

What comes to your mind as you read these words from Catherine Booth?

What is remarkable about Catherine is that these were never just words she spoken as a "nice quote", but she lived them out for the sake of Jesus.

Living in Grace

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