Sunday, 19 August 2018

It is seldom "Convenient"

"Convenience" seems to be the default to which we all revert, especially when we are feeling tired and too busy. We wrestle with driving to the mall to get whatever we really want (or what is cheaper) VERSUS popping to the convenience store to get a similar item at the higher price.Of course there are many other examples of such everyday decisions.

I don't believe that convenience is the same as laziness, it is just an alternate way of making decisions. It can make perfect sense to go for the convenient option 9 times out of 10, unless of course we are using it as a mask to avoid making a CRUCIAL decision. Take a look at Felix in this next reading. Note how he lies to himself and thinks that he will make a commitment to follow Jesus, when it is more Convenient for him.

Acts 24:25As Paul talked about righteousness, self-control and the judgement to come, Felix was afraid and said, “That’s enough for now! You may leave. When I find it convenient, I will send for you.”

It was just an excuse to avoid the tough decision he was faced with. And so that is why I believe that following Jesus is NEVER going to be convenient. 

What do you think?

Living in Grace

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