Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Greatest Story ever told!

I really enjoy reading the thoughts of John Maxwell - he inspires me. Early on in his ministry (in 1976), he received a book as a gift. The title of the book was: The Greatest Story Ever Told. However, can you imagine his shock when he opened the book to discover that all the pages of the book were blank, except for the note from his friend, which read as follows,
"John, your life is before you. Fill these pages with kind acts, good thoughts, and matters of your heart. Write a great story with your life."

This 'book' motivated John to begin writing his own life story and it changed his life.

As we begin 2017, God has given us all the gift of a book with 365 blank pages. Through his Spirit God is urging us to write our story and to honour the life he has given us. So, the hard question is this: "What will we write on these blank pages?"

Of course, we get to write our story in the shadow of the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, which is the story of Jesus.

Living in Grace

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