Tuesday, 13 December 2016

When the shine wears off

“Faithfulness means you stick to a commitment after the shine wears off… 
Faithfulness means you keep saying no a thousand times if you must to the temptation of cutting a corner and taking the easy way out… 
Faithfulness means you refuse to jump ship even when the waves of adversity are splashing over the decks of your marriage, your relationship with your children… or your relationship with others. Faithfulness means you stay true to your relationship with Jesus Christ no matter what it costs you.” – Bill Hybels

God loves us even when the shine wears off. Human love can be fraught with imperfection and disappointment. The 'honeymoon' period never lasts forever and people are left wondering who blew the candles out! Yet, Love is always about a CHOICE and never a feeling.
Choosing to remain faithful to God, a spouse, a prodigal child, is all about a decision - yes, a hard decision, but one we can make.

Thank you Lord that you refused to 'jump ship' even when humanity turned our backs on you.

Living in Grace

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