Saturday, 17 October 2015

A new take on Obedience

This morning I discovered a slightly new take on the topic of Obedience. It may not seem like a huge revelation to many others, but it struck a chord with me today. Obedience simply means 'being a listener to God.' Let me share the paragraph I was reading and see what you think:

"Jesus learned obedience from what he suffered. This means that the pains and struggles of which Jesus became a part made him listen more perfectly to God ... Entering into the suffering of the poor is the way to become obedient, that is, a listener to God." - Henri Nouwen

Sometimes we need to go through difficult times in order for our senses to be in tune with the Divine voice of Jesus. We should desire to become 'listeners to God.' Once we hear the voice of God then we can know what we should do and which way to go.

“Our failure to hear His voice when we want to is due to the fact that we do not in general want to hear it, that we want it only when we think we need it.” - Dallas Willard

Living in Grace

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