Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Where do you find your rest?

We are a restless generation!
What satisfied us yesterday, doesn't fulfil our needs today. The things that left us feeling content last year, are already outdated and we are looking for the 'next best' thing. The trouble with this is that we will spend our whole lives seeking satisfaction, but we probably won't find it. This is why David wrote:

"My soul finds rest in God alone..." - Psalm 62:1

"Find rest, O my soul, in God alone...." - Psalm 62:5

I believe David is on to something. He understands the human heart. If you are looking for your next 'fix' in anything besides God, then sadly you will come up empty handed. Well, that's what I have come to experience.

What are your thoughts?

“Rest and be thankful.”William Wadsworth

Living in Grace

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