Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Chased by dogs

This afternoon on my run I was chased by dogs, on two separate times. It was fine in the end because the dogs were small enough to out stare (and run), but it would have been interesting if they had been any bigger.

David knew what it was like to be chased by 'dogs', except the dogs that hounded him were actually people. This is what he wrote:

Psalm 59:6 -They come out at night, snarling like vicious dogs as they prowl the streets.

He also said: "My enemies surround me like a pack of dogs; an evil gang closes in on me. They have pierced my hands and feet." - Psalm 22:16

This last Psalm was of course the Psalm that Jesus recited from the cross. I am sure that Jesus also felt troubled by the 'dogs' of humanity, as they grouped around him snarling and jeering at him.

So the next time you feel that people are coming for you, remember that both Jesus and David understand your situation. Why don't you read Psalm 22 and Psalm 59 to go deeper into this devotion for today?

Living in Grace

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