Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Knocking off the rough edges

“You knock off our rough edges.” – Psalm 7:10 (Message)

None of us is perfect, no matter how hard we pretend to be.
God knows all this about us, even before we turn to him and God is still willing to accept us as we are. However, there are many ‘rough edges’ that God wants to help remove from our hearts, if we allow him to do this. 

I am not sure if you know what these rough edges are, but I am sure that others would be happy to tell you. As you spend a few minutes in prayer today, why don’t you ask God to reveal to you these rough parts of your faith and then allow the Holy Spirit to do some ‘smoothing’ of your heart.

Prayer for the day:
"Lord, help me to remember that I am not perfect and that you are still busy shaping and molding my life. Teach me not to resist the work of your Spirit as you knock off the rough edges of my life. Amen."

Living in Grace

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