Tuesday, 20 January 2015

8 Miles to Save a Rhino

How far would you go to save someone? What would you be prepared to do if you knew that something was on the brink of extinction? It's a tough question I know, but one we need to think about, as we may be confronted with it pretty soon.

Over the weekend of the 7/8 February 2015 I will be swimming in the 8 Mile Challenge at the
Midmar Mile. I am honoured to be joining about 100 swimmers who are swimming for various charities - I will be swimming in aid of "Save the Rhino" foundation.

Last year 1215 Rhinos were poached in South Africa (according to today's Mercury Newspaper), which is 100 times more than 2007. To put that in perspective - that is 3 Rhino's a day. We can't let this continue and so I would like to do my small bit to make a difference.

How it works is that we swim in all 4 races on the Saturday and then all 4 events on the Sunday. Basically we swim a mile, jump into a boat and go back to the start and then swim another mile. By the end of the weekend we would have each completed 8 miles and hopefully raised enough money to make a difference.

If you would like to support me in this event please get in touch with me directly via email - it would be awesome to have you support. You can even get your companies or businesses to support the "Save the Rhino" foundation, by pledging towards the swim. Even if you can't help with a financial contribution, please pray that God gives me strength during the weekend :)

 "Only when the last of the animals, horns, tusks, skins and bones are sold, will mankind realise that money can never buy back our wildlife." - Wild at Heart

God bless you
Living in Grace

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