Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I know where you stay!

"But I know where you stay 
and when you come and go." - Isaiah 37:28

We sometimes have a laugh with friends saying, "We know where you stay!"
It is usually used in the context of lending something to them and if they don't return it, then we will pop over and collect it. Or when they trust us with something, we promise to bring it back, and they reply, "It's OK - we know where you live!"

The same could be said of God - He knows where we stay! However, it is not always in a negative connotation that we should be thinking of this. It is reassuring that God knows us and has not forgotten us. God loves us and wants to be in our company. How amazing is that?

Christmas is a time of remembering that God has not turned his back on us and that he remembers us by name. The fact that he knows "where we stay" should not frighten us, but rather make us feel blessed. I guess the only time this truth may make us feel awkward is when we think we need to hide from God - then the knock at the door may make us jump under the bed!

May Christ dwell in your home and with your loved ones this Festive Season.

Living in Grace

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