Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Running with Spiderman

I decided to start my morning with a little jog around our suburb. I asked if any of the kids wanted to join me, but only Joshua (5) decided he was keen. So myself and Josh headed out for our jog/walk for about 10 minutes - he was dressed in his full Spiderman suit and I was in my running gear (and no, mine is not a Spiderman outfit!)

It was such a fun way to start the day. He was full of stories while we eased our way past sleeping neighbours. He commented on how 'naughty' people were to leave litter on the roads - as it made the 'whole world dirty' and he was also looking out for new trees to build his double storey tree-house in (his single storey tree house needs an upgrade me thinks!)

But what was the best, was how a few people commented on 'spiderman' running in the neighbourhood. Others who were walking or hurrying to work, stop and asked him, "How is Spiderman today?" It made me smile and it kind of made me reflect on how cool it was being on the road with Spiderman. I felt safe:)

Wouldn't it be good to remember that life is like going on a run - we encounter many things and people on the road of life, but we have a close companion .... Jesus. Running the race of Life with Jesus is so much better than running with any superhero - no matter how cool Spiderman is!

Living in Grace

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