Thursday, 5 December 2013

Knowing the difference

It is hard to sometimes know the difference between 2 things that appear similar at a glance. Take for example, glass and perspex. If you quickly look at something that is made of perspex, you could easily mistake it as being made from glass. In the end, this may not make a massive difference to anyone, but we need to acknowledge that they are different!

Let me give another example, via Alan Redpath:

"There are many weird ideas about bearing your cross. I remember a man saying to me, 'I have a fierce temper, but I suppose that is my cross to bear!'

'My friend,' I said to him, 'That is not your cross. It is your wife's cross, but it is your sin!"

I can sometimes fool myself, but others know the truth. I may think that my character, lifestyle and choices, are a result of the influence of others (and there may be some truth in that), but in the end, I need to be real enough to admit the truth - it could be my sin!

Let's not confuse perspex with glass!

Advent is about reflecting on the birth of Jesus and the Hope that Jesus brings. Jesus bore my sins on the cross and it is now my call to 'take up my cross and follow him.'

Living in Grace

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