Wednesday, 11 December 2013

One person inspires Hope

Can one person change a nation?
Well, in South Africa we would definitely say 'Yes!' It has been clear this past week that the Madiba Magic has not died, but it lives on. In fact, it is almost as if Nelson Mandela's death has rekindled some of the hope we held as a nation. During the last few years it seems as if we have lost our way, as a nation, but Madiba's parting gift to us is to wake us from our slumber. Our gift to him would be to live as people of hope and reconciliation.

Let me ask us another question - Can one person change a world? 
Well, it seems as if Nelson Mandela has come close to bring the entire planet to a stand-still, even if it is just for this week. He has been trending on Twitter all over the globe; written about in every newspaper in the world and is constantly being mentioned on facebook, blogs, websites and news bulletin's in every country. He has impacted our world in a major way - that is undeniable.

However, let us not forget that Madiba modelled many of his values (forgiveness, reconciliation, love, and mercy) on another man - Jesus Christ. And it is Jesus who continues to change the world, 2000 years after his birth.
Jesus inspires Hope in people, even today.
Jesus loves all people.
Jesus offers forgiveness to all who would receive him.
Jesus cares about the widows, orphans and children.

One person can indeed inspire Hope.
I thank God for Jesus.
I thank God that Madiba knew Jesus.

Living in Grace

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