Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Not a Drug!

Karl Marx controversially remarked that " Religion is the opium of the people." His point seemed to suggest that "religion" becomes a drug that we take in order to help us deal with life. In his understanding, religion served as a temporary satisfaction, but left us feeling empty and, in the end, changed nothing in our existence.

I am not sure how you feel about that, but I obviously feel quite differently to Mr Marx. For me, my faith is based on a relationship with Jesus Christ and in this relationship my life is forever altered. It is not a temporary "fix", but rather a life- long connection to the Living God. But that is my opinion and we are entitled to our own thoughts - what do you feel?

"Christianity is not a drug which suits some complaints and not others. It is either sheer illusion or else it is the truth. But if it is truth, if the universe happens to be constituted in this way, the question is not whether the God of Christianity suits us, but whether we suit Him." - William Temple

Living in Grace

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