Thursday, 21 November 2013

Among you

Why don't you try something different when you read this verse? I pray that it helps you to focus on the verse and to allow the Spirit to speak to you.

"For great is the Holy One of Israel who lives among you." - Isaiah 12:6

  • Now read it again, but slower.
  •  Re-read the verse, but "chop" off the first word of the verse.

  • Keep doing this, one word at a time, reading the remainder of the verse.
  • Stop when you are left with only 2 words.... "among you!"
Ruminate on these words. Let them sink into your hearts and spirit.
God is among us.
Jesus is Immanuel.
God with us.

Prayer: Let your prayer now be Isaiah 12:6.

Blessings and Grace

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