Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Every year I teach a few classes on the Crusades, at the Seminary. And every time I share about that dark period in the history of Christianity, I feel more bleak and horrified. That 200 year period reveals the dark-side of our human nature and how easy it is for people to call themselves 'Christians', yet live such godless lives. It kind of forces me to take a deep look at myself and to see if there is anything 'dark' or 'hidden' in my own motives and life. For we all fall short of the glory of God...

Of course, not all of the crusaders were barbaric and ungodly - there were many who sincerely wanted to see Jerusalem won for the Christian community, and they weren't prepared to kill for that ideal. Sadly, they seemed to be a minority voice, calling out among numerous princes, knights, popes and lords, all seeking their own agenda.

I am not sure whether I am comfortable with the first part of this next quote. The second part is good and true, but the first part is contentious. What do you think?
"The triumphs of the Crusades were the triumphs of faith. But faith without wisdom is a dangerous thing."Sir Steven Runciman
Let me know what's on your mind. God bless.
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