Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A King is born!

It is not often in my lifetime that I have been able to say, "a king is born!" And so it has come to pass that in our time a future king has been born - one who may rule over the British Royal family and all those who love the notion of Royalty. It is incredible to see how the world has been swept up in the birth of this little guy and it is going to be tough for him to live in the public eye all the time. I do pray that he is shielded from the expectations of millions and is allowed to be a child for a while.

By the way, any bets that the new king will be called something traditional or weird? I bet he won't be called "Delme" - any takers?

Of course, as Christians we know that this is not the first time a King has been born. Jesus was born to much less fan-fare yet has gone on to change the world. His life has inspired millions to live to a different drumbeat and to follow the way of Love. And it is true (I believe) that even the new baby, son of William and Kate, will one bow his knee to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Here is my closing thought:
No king can truly rule with justice, mercy and integrity, unless he is willing to submit to the ultimate King - Jesus.

Living in Grace

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