Thursday, 20 June 2013

Solomon on work

"So I turned in despair from hard work. It was not the answer to my search for satisfaction in this life..." - Ecclesiastes 2:20

We would be surprised at how many people think that 'working harder' is the answer to all their problems. They think that the more hours they put into work, the more rewarded and blessed they will feel. However, as we all find out eventually, it is not the answer - it never will be.

Please don't get me wrong, work IS important. God created us to work and we can glorify Him when we work well and when we use our gifts to the best of our abilities, BUT work should never become our God. As soon as we make work number One, then we have turned our eyes away from God and others who are important.

Solomon realised his work would never be the Final answer - it could never satisfy him completely.

May you honour God through your work today, but let's not make work our God.

Living in Grace