Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A God who cares

On Sunday I shared on the theme of a 'God who cares.' It centred around believing in a God who truly cares for his children and who loves us as an 'ideal' parent should. In the days of Jesus many people believed in a God who displayed 'apatheia' - which is the inability to feel any emotion at all (we get the word 'apathy' from this word). How wrong they were!

Jesus' life showed us that he is indeed the God who cares - he has compassion, mercy, love, patience and empathy on all his children. As William Barclay puts it:

"The greatest thing Jesus did was to bring us the news of a God who cares."

So, if you are asked the question, "Does God care about me?" I hope that you can answer with confidence - "Absolutely - I know he does!"

May you know that God does care and that he loves you.

Why don't you pass this message onto someone who needs to hear this today.

Living in Grace

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