Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Using Christian Holidays for commercial gains

I popped into one of our local supermarkets this morning and I was horrified to see a massive display of Easter eggs - I was so shocked, that I forgot why I went into the store in the first place. I can't believe that just 8 days after Christmas we are already been bombarded with Easter eggs. I feel that this is so unnecessary, but it must be good for business, otherwise shops wouldn't be tapping into the "Christmas money!"

I am not advocating that we shouldn't buy easter eggs, but I do feel that commercial companies are abusing our Christian Holy-days in a major way. Take Easter (and Christmas) out of a financial year and stores would be in trouble.

The one thing that I am challenged by, is that perhaps we should spend more time preparing ourselves for these "spiritual highlights" than we often do. Maybe the commercial stores are offering me a chance to spend the next 3 months reflecting on the real Easter message....
...that Jesus loved me enough that he was willing to die for my sins and offer me the freedom I desperately need.

May you be blessed today and if you must, buy yourself an easter egg:)

Living in Grace

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