Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Obstacles or NO

When we face obstacles in our lives one of the hardest things to discern is, whether this is God's answer of 'No' or whether this is just an obstacle to grow our faith. Each situation is different and should be prayed about separately, but we should recognise that God can say 'WAIT' or even 'NO.'
He may have put an obstacle in our way for a very good reason.

In my devotion this morning, the Our Daily Bread included the story of Balaam (Numbers 22) and this great quote:

"Balaam's story teaches us that not every obstacle is meant to be overcome. Some are placed by God to keep us from doing something foolish. When our plans are hindered, we shouldn't assume that it is satan trying to stop us. IT MIGHT BE GOD TRYING TO PROTECT US."

Pray for wisdom, my friends.

Living in Grace

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