Sunday, 30 October 2011

God is AWEsome

Man, I love Jesus!

God is so AWEsome. At our 3 worship service today we celebrated a time of Thanksgiving. It is basically a time for people to share testimonies of thanks of what God is doing in their lives. WOW, I was blown away. God is at work, friends. If I had doubted this, well today I was reassured that God is still moving in our midst. The moving testimonies reminded us all that God takes care of his children and that God wants us to hang onto him. We know that life is full of 'dung' (as someone put it), but God wants to take us out of the mess and to lift us up. We can't escape the mess of life, but we can know that God is by our side.

Be blessed because God loves you. There are other men and women of faith who are also struggling on the same journey as you. You are not alone.

Living in Grace

P.S. The photo is of Nathan playing in the mud. Life can be muddy, but Jesus can make us clean :)

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