Friday, 23 September 2011

You call out the stars

I had the privilege of sharing in the confirmation service at the Wykeham Collegiate School today. During our time of worship we sang a wonderful song called 'You call out the stars' - these are some of the words of the song:

"When I think the closest star is more than a million miles away
I can't even dream, how great you are
When I think that all I have is what you've given me
I'm so thankful Lord, so thankful Lord.

When I think you walked on water and calmed the raging seas
I am overwhelmed, how great you are
Amidst the storms and troubles, Lord beckon me
To walk on water, I'll walk on water.

To whom can I compare you, Holy One
Who is your equal, Lord there is none
There is none besides you, how great you are
There is none so worthy, how great you are
How great you are, Lord, how great you are."

Living in Grace,

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