Sunday, 19 June 2011

Last Tree standing

One of the amazing facts of the Battle of Deville Wood was that every single tree, in that extremely large forest, was completely destroyed except for one! It only took 6 days of fighting, bullets, bombs and handgrenades to wipe out an entire forest. What helped that single tree to survive is a mystery - probably just a bunch of luck - but if that tree could talk today, it would tell a thousand stories.

It makes me think that sometimes the world is a lot like the battle of Deville Wood. We are placed in a 'forest' of people and one by one we start to lose touch with these people. Life gets the better of them and they slowly start to disappear from our community or our circle of friends. In the end, we could be the Last Tree standing - feeling alone and with a bunch of stories to tell.

Be the last Tree standing - do all you can to stay strong and remember to depend on the strength of the Lord to help you 'fight the good fight!'

Living in Grace,

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