Saturday, 11 June 2011

Inspiring moments

Today we went to the Ashdown Forest with friends, Paul, Izzi and Sam de Villiers - it was such an awesome day. These are the forests where A.A.Milne got his inspiration for the classic kids books based on Winnie the Pooh. We stood at Pooh Sticks bridge, which can be seen in the attached picture, and imagined what it was like for Christopher Robin to throw the sticks into the river and watch them disappear onto the other side of the bridge.

A trip to this part of the world does wonders for your imagination and sense of inspiration, and of course it takes you back to your childhood. It reminded me that God can use all of our life experiences to shape something for our future. We often can't see what these 'things' may be, but we need to trust in His awesome plans.

I want to encourage you to remember this today:
Never underestimate what life experiences God may want to use, in order to inspire other people, or to do something for His glory.

Living in Grace,

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