Thursday, 21 October 2010

You only work on Sundays!

If I had 1 Rand for every time I heard this phrase:
"Minister's only work one day a week" I would be a Millionaire!
It is true that the majority of the community gets to 'see' us working on a Sunday, but lots of activities happen behind the scene and focus on smaller groups of people. Take this past Tuesday as an example. This was my day:

6:00am - Men's prayer and accountability at McCafe
7:00am - Kids to school
7:40am - Admin etc at Church
8:30am - Wesley Staff Meeting
10:00am - Response and feedback (via calls and emails)
10:45am - Appointment with Church member
12:00 - Fetch Joshua from School
12:30 - Meeting at Home over lunch(Ministers do eat from time to time:)
14:00 - Second School run
15:00 - Holy Communion to members of Church in their home
16:00 - Prep for meeting and Marriage counselling
17:00 - Counselling for couple getting married
18:20 - Quickly home for Supper
19:00 - Circuit Exec meeting at Metro (which finished at 10:50pm)
23:00 - Home from meeting and sleep

That's a day in the life of a minister. Ok, this was quite an exceptional case, as our meetings normally finish at 9:30pm, but you get the idea. So next time your minister/pastor stands to preach on a Sunday know that he is going to be working more than 1 day this week:)

Thanks for your prayers - we need them.

Living in Grace,


Steven Jones said...

Ag no man, Delme! Ministers don't work one day a week? That means they brought me to Seminary on false pretenses, then! :-)


Delme Linscott said...

Absolutely Steve, It's all a lie. You will have to work more than one day a week - sorry boet!