Friday, 20 August 2010

Out of Interest

I am grateful for the many people that have touched my life and who inspire me in my Christian journey. I am deeply grateful for them, as well as I am for you - thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

This post is about introducing some of my friends to you.

Dion Forster writes about his journey in his blog called An Uncommon Path. Today's post on 'fasting' is deeply challenging.

John Van De Laar has just released his new book, 'The hour that changes everything' and you can read more about his ministry at Sacredise.

David Barbour writes an insightful and inspiring blog called Skypilot. Stop by and have a look sometime.

Gareth Killeen heads up CruxMedia, which is busy transforming the social media scene by loading relevant and life-changing Christian content onto Mobile phones. Check out So What

Jenny Hillebrand has been blogging for years. This year she is based at the Seth Mokitimi Seminary and her powerful insights, into life as a Seminarian, are well worth following. Her blog is called Carpenters shoes

I will blog again about some of my other friends next week. I pray that you will have an awesome weekend.

Living in Grace,

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