Thursday, 20 August 2009

I am with you!

Yesterday I went to the dreaded dentist and as I wrote 3 weeks ago - "I am not a fan of Dentists!" There are many reasons for this (braces, many fillings, many injections etc), but eventually I knew I had to go this time.

So rather sheepishly I walked into his rooms, arriving 15 minutes before my appointment, just to psyche myself up and to pray hard! I had just sat down and had only just begun to recite Psalm 23 in my mind, when the assistant called me... 15 minutes EARLY - can you believe it - when does that ever happen? I thought to myself, "Lord, that's a little unfair - I haven't finished praying yet!"

So I go to his rooms and of course he has "my file" in front of him and we both know that it has been years since I have seen him - awkward! So, after my confessions, he starts to take a look and in the end there is nothing major to be done (hallelujah), just a little work on one tooth (which did require... injections, drilling and prodding). In the end, all was good and I now like my dentist!!!

Just reflecting on issues like this, makes me realise that sometimes I ask God to take me "out" of certain situations, but He doesn't. I could get bleak about this and become bitter. However, if I do then I lose sight of the promise that He may not remove me from the difficulties, but He does promise to be with me IN those situations.

Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3:16-30)? God could have easily removed them from the fiery furnace, but instead He joined them in the furnace. He protected them in the midst of their trial. He was the "Word made flesh" in their trial. God promises the same for us. He is with us! Immanuel.

Sustained by Grace,

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