Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Heart led by eyes

As we contemplate another aspect of Contentment, read these words from Job 31:7
"If my steps have turned from the path,
if my heart has been led by my eyes,
or if my hands have been defiled..."

Is it not when our 'hearts' are led by our 'eyes' that we begin to feel the pangs of discontentment? Is it not when we see what others have (and we don't), that suddenly our hearts long for more? People can't really covet things that we can't see. I am not envious of the person in Europe, living in a Castle, when I don't know them or haven't even met them. However, the person in my community, who seems to have it all, is the one that I struggle not to envy.

So, perhaps Job was spot on - my heart can be led by my eyes!

Exodus 20:17“Do not want anything that belongs to someone else. Don't want anyone's house, wife or husband, slaves, oxen, donkeys or anything else.” (CEV)

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer!

His Grace remains,

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