Monday, 10 August 2009

Have we learnt the Secret?

So how content are we really? How often do we find ourselves thinking, "There surely has to be more?" or "Why am I not feeling satisfied?"

The Greek word for being Content (autarkes), reminds us that this illusive emotion means 'to be satisfied or to have enough." In terms of earthly things, I strongly believe that we need to discover the 'secret of being Content' (Philippians 4:12). In our world of consumerism, even Christians will continue to struggle to swim against the tide of "More, More, More!"

However, if we are allowed any sense of 'dissatisfaction' or being 'discontent', perhaps this will be in our relationship with Jesus. We can always know and discover 'More' of Jesus.

So, if we are completely honest today, can we say that we have learnt the secret of being content? Read Philipians 4:10-13 if you have a moment.

Grace to you,

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