Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wedding, fishing and surprise - part 2

Well the wedding was awesome - it was a real family affair with Kim playing the piano, me doing the service, our boys as page boys (they were brilliant by the way - so I had to cough up the bribes) and the rest of the family all involved. It was great to catch up with all the family again.

The fishing was as expected - disappointing. I fished for about 15 minutes - it was so cold that I may as well have been fishing in Alaska.

The surprises were numerous - firstly, I got really close up to a Blue Duiker one morning whilst fishing. Awesome God moment - felt really blessed to be in that moment. Secondly, meet an old school aquaintence, who was the photographer - he took some brilliant photos and got to chat with him also. Thirdly, our boys were so well behaved during the wedding service that I thought someone had switched our kids with another 3 boys - I was a proud dad as the Declan and Nathan walked down the aisle first, with little Josh also dressed in his 'suit'. They took their roles so seriously - the bribe was well worth it.

Anyway, my friends, I will be out of action for a week - enjoying a bit of family time and having a 'fast' from my computer. I will post when I get back.
Be blessed by our Master.

Live well in Grace,

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