Sunday, 19 July 2009

Ubombo 09

We have just come back from our 5 day Mission Trip to Ubombo (340 km's from Durban). There were so many things that we learnt from walking alongside these awesome people and as always we have come away richly blessed, despite our 'Mission' to them.

It was initially a struggle for us to come to terms with the 'water supply' issues, which meant that we never had hot showers when we wanted and we had to fetch water to fill our toilets with. We had to boil most of our water or use specially collected rain-water. All of these proved to be mere challenges that we managed to work around - It is a timely reminder of how we so often take these 'luxuries' for granted, when many millions of poor people are coping with these issues daily.

Our aim on this trip was to share with the God's people in a tangible way - not so much to preach to them (as they are already Christians), but to minister to them through the 'ministry of presence.' In other words, we worked alongside them, sang with them, interacted with the orphaned children, painted their rooms, fixed broken furniture and tried to impact their lives through significant 'small things.' We trust that our gift of time will be used by God to make a sustainable difference in their lives.

Soli Deo Gloria

Grace to you,
P.S. - I am going to take a long bath now.

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