Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Within, without

What happens when we spend time in the presence of God? Do we hear a still small voice? Do we encounter the living God? Does God inspire us to sing, write, pray or act?

During a time of personal devotion Howard Thurman wrote this response to God's prompting:

"There is a sense of wholeness at the core of man
That must abound in all he does;
That marks with reverence his ev’ry step;
That has its sway when all else fails;
That wearies out all evil things;
That warms the depth of frozen fears
Making friend of foe,
Making love of hate,
And lasts beyond the living and the dead,
Beyond the goals of peace, the ends of war!
This man seeks through all his years:
To be complete and of one piece, within, without." (The Inward Journey)

Which sentence speaks to you today?

Mine is "that warms the depth of frozen fears."

Living in Grace


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