Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Independence is a buzz word for this generation. We all want to be independent and in all kinds of ways - family, financial, relationships, communication and even in faith circles. However, independence can come back to bite us.. It may not be all it cracks up to be. In truth, when we get to the place of "Independence", we may just wake up and realise that we need others more than we think.

On this Independence Day (4th July in the USA) let us remember to be DEPENDENT on Jesus Christ.

Jeremiah 2:29-30 -[ Trying Out Another Sin-Project ] “What do you have against me, running off to assert your ‘independence’?” God’s Decree. “I’ve wasted my time trying to train your children. They’ve paid no attention to me, ignored my discipline. And you’ve gotten rid of your God-messengers, treating them like dirt and sweeping them away.
Living in Grace
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