Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Like a Cathedral

In my diary I have a daily quote at the bottom of the page - often they are good, but some days they are brilliant. Take this one for example. It was from the other day.

"Life, like a cathedral is not so much to be admired for its external appearance and majesty. Life, like a cathedral, is more meaningful because of what goes on in the sanctity within. Seek patiently and persistently to discover true life by looking inward." - Unknown

It takes a little time to digest these words, but they speak to me of experiencing Christmas within our hearts and not just on the surface. Getting beneath all the trappings is so important during the Festive season, because when the tinsel, lights and decorations are packed away, what are we going to be left with?

Seek to experience Jesus this Christmas.

Living in Grace

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