Sunday, 2 November 2014

Prayer for a new week

This is a fantastic prayer from William Barclay. I invite you to pray it with me during the course of this week. Please feel free to pass it onto anyone who may need the prayer.

"Give me this day, O God,
the energy I need to face my work;
the diligence I need to do it well;
the self-discipline which will make
me work just as hard,
even if there be none to see
and none to praise, and none to blame;

The self-respect which will not stoop
to produce anything which is less
than my best;
the courtesy and the considerateness,
which will make me easy to live with 
and easy to work with.

Help me so to live today that I
may make this world a happier place
wherever I may be;
Through Jesus Christ my Lord.

Living in Grace

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