Friday, 19 April 2013

A different view

The recent rain is most welcome and may well be the last rains until Spring. However, the onset of misty and cold weather often puts us in a different mood. It can make some people energized, while others become depressed.

What the rain certainly does is change the view from my balcony. The clouds and mist roll in and soon I can't see beyond a few meters. However, I know that the view is usually awesome and I can see the hills in the distance. If all I saw on a daily basis was the rain and mist I would miss the glorious scenes I see on other days. If all I perceived from day to day was negative, then I would miss the beauty of good things.

I must remind myself that when the rain fades away, I will see the true beauty again.
Even though you may be faced with the bleakness of "bad weather" and difficult situations remember that God will make the sun shine again.

Take a different view. It may keep you sane.

Living in Grace

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