Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Love all people

So often our religious beliefs can make us unloving towards other people. Perhaps the most common animosity in our modern world is between Christians and Muslims. We can so easily slip into a judgemental spirit, without remembering that God has a heart for all people and that we are called to love everyone.

I learnt a valuable lesson this morning. I was driving the kids to school when a Muslim family (in the car next door) waved to get my attention. I looked across to see what they wanted, and they pointed to my left hand tyre - it was half flat and I hadn't noticed. I was grateful to them for their thoughtfulness and I immediately pulled into a garage and had it seen too.

As Christians, we need to help our fellow believers, but we also need to reach out to all people. Love should be something we share with everyone.

Any thoughts?

Living in Grace

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