Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Spiritual gardening

Gardening takes a lot of commitment, work and care - those of you with 'green' fingers are already nodding your heads in agreement. However, when we neglect the garden for a week or so, weeds start to grow and the grass gets long and very soon things start to look ragged. We popped into the old house to get a few things today and I noticed that weeds are already starting to pop up all over the place. Just a few days of neglect is enough to allow the rot to set in.

Surely the same principle applies to our spiritual lives? If we leave aspects of our faith 'unattended' then weeds will grow and we will begin to notice the affect of our neglect. A week or two may not make a big difference, but constant spiritual neglect will only led to a messy life - well, that's what I feel anyway. Your thoughts??

Living in Grace

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