Monday, 16 January 2012

I can't speak Frog!

Can you speak Frog?
What I mean is, when a Frog 'croaks' outside your window, do you understand what they are saying? To be honest, I have no clue.
However, if I could speak a Frog-language I may have been able to save the frog that jumped into one of our outside containers and got stuck. As I was cleaning up yesterday I noticed that the frog had died inside the container - he only died because he couldn't jump out again (don't ask me how he got in there in the first place!)
I am sure that the frog tried to call out for help, but no one in my family understands "Frog" so we weren't able to rescue him.

I thank God that the Holy Spirit understands and interprets my sighing and groaning. God understands all there is to know about me and God comes to our rescue. I just need to trust that God is watching out for me.

Be encouraged that God understands our "Frog language" :)

Living in Grace

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