Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Non-performance in a Performance Driven World

Our world is mostly a DRIVEN world. We are driven to perform, to earn, to love, to produce, to keep up, to change, to invent, to DO. This has consumed us in such a radical way, that we don't know how to slow down any more. What is worse is that we now believe that God measures us according to this same standard. Yet, if we make a careful examination of the scriptures we will note that this is indeed NOT true. As Richard Rohr so rightly points out:
"Sabbath might be saying that at least one seventh of life must be about non-performance and non-egocentric pursuit, or we forget our life’s purpose." - Richard Rohr

What do you think of this?
How are you doing on this front?

Exodus 20:19-20 -  I myself am God, your God: Keep my statutes and live by my laws. Keep my Sabbaths as holy rest days, signposts between me and you, signalling that I am God, your God.”

Living in Grace

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