Friday, 1 September 2017

Pebble or Rock?

If you had to compare your faith with one of the following, which one would you say is most accurate? Pebble or Rock?
Do you feel as if your Faith is strong at the moment and you would consider yourself a 'Rock' or is your faith very weak and could be likened to a 'Pebble'?
I find it interesting that when we look at the people God chose to lead, he often chose people who would have been seen as 'Pebbles.'
Take Simon Peter as an example - he was not exactly the Knight in shining armour when Jesus needed help in the Garden. Even when Peter followed Jesus to Caiphas' house, his courage failed there too. Yet, it was Jesus who saw the huge potential in Peter and called him Cephas (the Rock).

"By grace Peter was the Pebble who became a Rock." - Philip Greenslade

But by the Grace of God we would all still be Pebbles. Thank God that he uses us to display his glory.

Living in Grace

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