Friday, 18 November 2016

Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness
Out of the dark forbidding soil
The pure white lilies grow.
Out of the black and murky clouds,
Descends the stainless snow.
Out of the crawling earth-bound worm
A butterfly is born.
Out of the sombre shrouded night,
Behold! A golden morn!
Out of the pain and stress of life,
The peace of God pours down.
Out of the nails -- the spear -- the cross,
Redemption -- and a crown! - Author Unknown.

I love this poem - I just wish I knew who had written it, so I could thank them in person. It speaks to me of new life and hope. It reminds me that all good things come out of places of darkness. The lily, the butterfly, the sun, the Resurrection. All of these are born in moments where all seems dark and lost.

So, May God bless you and keep you - May God grant you the energy and strength to live for the dawn.

Living in Grace

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